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Elf Advice Considerations to Save You Money!

If you already own holiday lights and decorations Santa will advise his elves to use your decorations before using any of theirs. You will only be charged ELF labor when we use your holiday decorations. If you require additional holiday lighting supplies we will discuss proper materials and costs during the design process.

Prior to purchasing holiday lighting supplies or decorations from a retailer or online, we encourage you to talk with an ELF first. There truly is a difference in quality and longevity of your holiday lighting materials and you should know the difference prior to buying holiday lighting supplies.

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LED lights vs. Incandescent lights. Hands down, no doubt about it, the fat ELF has sang! LED lights are far superior to incandescent lights. Although LED lights are more costly to purchase, every year after 3 years you will save a lot of money. (LED lights are 90% more efficient, and you will have minimal replacement costs). However be careful, there are numerous LED lights now available in stores, make sure you only purchasing waterproof LED lights with a direct current rectifier, and rated for potential life of 200,000 hours, otherwise you will be tossing away LED lights just as fast as you tossed out incandescent lights.