Residential Decorating & Lighting

Danny’s Holiday Lighting provides our residential clients with eye catching interior and exterior designs. We offer our clients a variety of decorating ideas and numerous lighting options which best suit your holiday decorating vision and budget. (Classical elegant designs to contemporary theme designs, incandescent or LED lights, numerous potential colors, and endless other options). We want you to enjoy the holiday season and enjoy sharing your holiday lighting display with your family, friends, and neighbors.


Santa (Danny) personally meets each client to share your design ideas and expectations. Using your ideas along with the design of your home and landscape, he will provide suggestions (utilizing 10 years of knowledge and experience), and together we will make your home spectacular for the season.

Installation Day

Santa (Danny) only employs the most courteous, friendliest, and safest elves to decorate and service your home. We will schedule your installation date between November 1st and December 12th at your convenience. Our professional elves leave your home clean and 100% ready for the holidays!

Client Services

During installation we make every effort to ensure your holiday lights will look great for the entire holiday season. Severe weather (strong winds and rain) can occasionally create issues with your holiday display. Our elves are available within 24 hours if you need our assistance. Elves are also in the field after severe storms making adjustments and often fixing issues before you call us.

Removal & Storage

During the month of January we will schedule a date for the removal of your holiday decorations and lights. We will place all holiday decorations and lighting materials in storage bins which we provide you for safe keeping at your home. That’s right, you own your holiday decorations and lights.